More phyicans oop $7

More phyicans oop $7


Awesome find @ Goodwill

I found this at Goodwill today! It is a small crate, and inside of them are 7 of these zippered little pouches! I have labeled each pouch with a store name. I also have a set of sharpies in one of the pouches. And I just found out that each pouch has a divider in them…lol I am going to use them to put my sales list and coupons in, so I can just grab the pouch and go 🙂



update: 3/26/11

These pouches have been a blessing. So much easier to sort through coupons for each week, and match with the corresponding store. I have been told that the pouches may be for Mary Kay products do I am searching for more 🙂