My Kroger findings this week

So due to the limiting of doubles now, I will have to make several  trips or multiple transactions to acquire more of these items.

Here is my breakdown

2 Suave deodrants $2.12
2 Dial Soap $2.00 (sale this wk $1 ea)
2 2 pack Olay bar soap $4.38

Total: $8.50

cpns used:

2 Suave .50/1 = $2.00
2 Dial .35/1 = $1.40
2 Olay $2/1 = $4.00

Total OOP: $1.58 (tax .48)

I used the $10 Kroger gift card that we received from the paper company for signing up for auto-pay to pay for this transaction so my true OOP was nothing!

Since we have enough Deodorant to last us 2 girls a year, the rest of my purchases will go to family & friends, and I will probably donate the rest to local pantry!


My Kroger changed their coupon policy

Well starting today, my Kroger stores here in Bloomington have changed their coupon policy. Before this change I was able to use unlimited doubles-meaning the would double every coupon under .50 cents. This is no more! The will now only double 2 like coupons–meaning I can only use 2 of the same coupons at one time if I want the double bonus! This has made shopping a bit harder, but still I am happy they are at least allowing some doubling to go on.

I now have to watch my expiration dates a lot closer to make sure I am able to get to the store enough times. And if the coupons are beneficial for a sales week, then I only have one week to use them all! More work for my family, but it is well worth it!!

Another great shopping trip…..

CVS Trip

Ecb deals-Spend $15 Axe get $5 ecb, Buy halls get $1 ecb

4–2ltrs pop @ $.88 ea = $3.52
2–Purex Crystals @ $3.99 = $7.98-$4.00=$3.98 (used 2 $2mfr q)
1–Halls Cough Drops = $1.87-.50 mfr = $1.37
4–Axe Bodywashes @ $3.79 = $15.16- $7.58=$7.58 (used 2 BOGO Q’s)

also used $5/$25 purchase cvs store q and $9 Ecbs

Total OOP: $4.38 (tax $1.93)

ECB’s Rec’d $5 Axe, $1 Halls

Kroger’s Trip

Mega sale deal is buy 10 participating items, receive $5 off total, or .50 cents each item.

2 Half gallon milk $1.25 ea= $2.50
4 Pedigree dog food .99 ea = $3.96 (mega)
6 Ronzoni spaghetti .99 ea = $5.94 (mega)
6 Ronzoni Rotinni .99 ea = $5.94 (mega)
3 Motrin PM $2.99 ea = $8.97 (mega0
1 Whiskas cat treat $1.49 (mega)
5 Purina Box Cat Food $2.99 ea = $14.95
1 Loaf Bread .98
Total before mega and Q’s = $44.73
cpns used
20 items mega sale = $10
5 Free Purina cat food=$14.95
2 BOGO Pedigree Dog Food =$1.98
2 Motrin $2/1 = $6.00
6 Ronzoni pasta $1/2 = $6.00
1 Whiskas = .75

Total OOP : $6.41 (tax $1.36)

Items that were free were the Purina cat food, all Ronzoni pasta, and all Pedigree dog food. The cat food I have FREE coupons for. As for the Pedigree each was 49 cents after mega discount, and by using the 2 BOGO coupons that amounted to $1.98 off  that covered the cost of the four of them, and I received 2 cents overage. The same goes for the Ronzoni, each was 49 cents each after the mega discount, and I had coupons for $1 off 2, thus resulting in a total of 12 cents overage for all of them. The overage amount was applied to the basket thus lowering my OOP.

Rocking the Kroger Mega Sales

I took advantage of Kroger’s Mega sale. Where you buy 10 participating items and receive $5 off your order, equaling .50 cents off each item.

Here’s what I bought:

4 boxes Purina One Cat food= $11.96
2 half gallon milk = $2.50
bag of potatoes = $3.49
2 Yakisoba Noodles = $2.18
2 bags Pedigree Dog Food (mega) = $7.98
10 Ronzoni spaghetti (mega) = $4.90
2 Ronzoni Penne pasta (mega) = $.98
8 Ronzoni Rotinni (mega) = $3.92

cpns used

4 Free purina one = $11.96
2 yakisoba 50/1 dbl = $2.00
2 Pedigree $3/1 = $6.00
1 Pedigree ecpn  = $3.00
9 Ronzoni $1/2 = $9.00
mega sale (20 items) = $10.00

Total OOP $5.74,  tax was .77 cents, 92 % savings

Since I had the $3 ecpn come off for the Pedigree, they paid me $1.02 overage. And I also received .18 cents overage for the Ronzoni pastas. When purchasing 10 items for the mega sale price, the Ronzoni ended up being .49 cents each, and I had the coupons for $1 off 2. These overage amounts lowered my costs for the other items I purchased, the milk & potatoes!!!

Can you ever have enough free cat food?

Free cat food! I received 65 smartsource inserts this past Sunday, and in each of them were coupons for a FREE box of the new Purina One BeyOnd cat food….so that means I will be getting 65 free boxes…They are each 1 pound box, 2 different flavors! I filled a large Tidy Cat Litter tub full, it took 20 boxes to do that. I have 8 more on the shelf, and over 40 coupons left. The coupons don’t expire until 4/30/11. These are available at Kroger & Walmart. So I will continue to buy a few at a time, while I see how much my cat goes through…If I determine that I have way too much for a 6-8 month supply I will either donate it to the Humane Shelter, or give it to my crazy cat sister!

Free Tuna!!1

With the Kroger sale 3/10-3/16 Starkist tuna was 2 for $1. I had 20 coupons for $1.50 off three, so I scored 60 cans of tuna absolutely FREE since there is NO tax on Food!!!

Also this week the Banquet Fruit Pies were on sale for .62 cents each and I had coupons for .40 cents off 2, in which doubled to .80 cents off 2. I paid .22 cents for each pie….and I bought 12 of them 🙂

Some free or nearly free items

Most of these items were free or nearly free, and some even money makers. I’m just gonna give a brief out line and not post the whole transaction breakdown, as I do not have that much time 🙂

Target has IP (internet printable cpns) that you can combined with a mfr coupons, as the register as “store” cpns. Here is the Target link. When using cpns with an overage at Target you need to bring your balance up over the overage price by buying other items, or the cashiers will simply adjust the coupon amount, they will not take it off the tax amount or give you change


2 Garnier facial wipes $4.74 each – (2) $2/1 mfr q + (2) $2/1 ip = .74 each

4 Maalox Chewable $3.69 each –  (4) $5/1 mfr q = $1.31 overage each

1 Maalox Liquid (not pictured) $4.79 – $5/1 mfr q = .21 overage


5 Suave Deodorant $1.39 each – (5) .50/1 that double, making it $5.00 = $1.95


2 Listerine’s $3.99 each – (2) $2/1 mfr q = $1.99 and Get $2 ecb back each = FREE

4 Colgate  toothpaste ( 2 not pic) $3.79 each  (2) $1/1 mfr q = $2.79 ea and get $3.79 ecb back each =  FREE & MM

4 Crest Pro Health toothpaste $3.29-.75mfrq=$2.54 get $3.29 ecb back each = FREE & Money maker

4 Oral B Pulsar tooth brushes (not pic) $6 eaBOGO mfr q= $6 for 2 of them, got $6 ecb back =FREE


The Key with CVS is to purchase these free or nearly free items, use a coupon, and even take advantage of the $5 off $25 purchase that they have available, and keep “rolling” your ECBs into other transactions that will give you ECBs. It takes a little time to learn how it goes. And it is wise to break you transaction down into smaller ones, making your out of pocket cost cheaper, by rolling your ECBs into the next transaction. Also some items will only produce 1 ECB even though you purchases 2 same items. example I bought 4 Revlon Nail Polishes, and had to do them in 4 transactions to get the 4 separate $3 ECB. Had I purchases them together I would have paid for them, instead of getting them free with the $1 coupon for each, and $3 ECB for each transaction.