My Kroger findings this week

So due to the limiting of doubles now, I will have to make several  trips or multiple transactions to acquire more of these items.

Here is my breakdown

2 Suave deodrants $2.12
2 Dial Soap $2.00 (sale this wk $1 ea)
2 2 pack Olay bar soap $4.38

Total: $8.50

cpns used:

2 Suave .50/1 = $2.00
2 Dial .35/1 = $1.40
2 Olay $2/1 = $4.00

Total OOP: $1.58 (tax .48)

I used the $10 Kroger gift card that we received from the paper company for signing up for auto-pay to pay for this transaction so my true OOP was nothing!

Since we have enough Deodorant to last us 2 girls a year, the rest of my purchases will go to family & friends, and I will probably donate the rest to local pantry!


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