I love Targets clearances!!!

So these lovely items were on clearance for $4.24 each!! Well I just happen to have lots of coupons for $4 off 1!!!  Which is really awesome. I have purchases the 13 shown here for about $3.25 but the tax is figured before coupons so that was about $3, but still a really good deal. I have put up 4 of them in my house, and I figured they would last about 30 days on the 36 minute setting…so this is just a 3 mth supply. We went back to target a few days later and there were still lots on the shelf so i grabbed 8 more, 4 of which went to friends. I will be heading back to target again in a couple more days and get a few more, providing they still have any left. They only had these 2 scents to choose from, and when we check the refills…WOW at target they were $5.xx I was shocked! Much cheaper to buy these…


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