Walk for Fun?Walk for Life!

Walk for Fun?Walk for Life!

My kids and I are walking again this year to raise funds for the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Walk on May 14, 2011 @ White River State Park, in Indianapolis, , and we need your help.

This is Julianna’s story through her mothers words:

Julianna, she is the reason we are walking. Julianna is a very special little girl to me. She was born with Biliary Atresia,at 6 wks old she had a Kasai done. It was a long and stressful 6 hr  wait for the news that she would be ok and surgery went great. She stayed in Riley Hospital for at least 5 days. When we took her home it was very stressful and I of course being a mom I was freaking out about everything. I called the doctors for every tiny thing and they were great with me and were understanding. Juli spent alot of time in the hospital with infections. We spent most of her first 2 yrs in Riley from different infections or possible infections.

Juli is now 6,was in a special needs pre-school for 3 yrs, she is now in Kindergarten,which puts me on edge daily. Because Juli has Biliary Atresia she also has Cirrhosis of the liver and Portal Hypertension, she will never be able to play in contact sports or certain activities. If she is hit hard enough she could be seriously hurt. Juli is a mircle child and I want to thank you very much for reading her story and for donating to this great cause.

Donating is easy! Just click the blue “Click Here to Sponsor Me” button to get started. You can also click the blue “Click Here to Walk With Me” button to join the Liver Life Walk too.
Here is the link to my page, on the ALF web page American Liver Foundation:


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