Can you ever have enough free cat food?

Free cat food! I received 65 smartsource inserts this past Sunday, and in each of them were coupons for a FREE box of the new Purina One BeyOnd cat food….so that means I will be getting 65 free boxes…They are each 1 pound box, 2 different flavors! I filled a large Tidy Cat Litter tub full, it took 20 boxes to do that. I have 8 more on the shelf, and over 40 coupons left. The coupons don’t expire until 4/30/11. These are available at Kroger & Walmart. So I will continue to buy a few at a time, while I see how much my cat goes through…If I determine that I have way too much for a 6-8 month supply I will either donate it to the Humane Shelter, or give it to my crazy cat sister!


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