Sunday’s are always a busy day for me.

Sundays are always a busy day for me. I get between 30-50 coupon inserts. I usually get multiples Red Plum and  Smartsource, occasionally there are Proctor & Gamble or General Mills. After I sort them by publisher, I create a file for them (type & date), and remove all the non-coupon pages.  Then I take about 10-15 of each and sort them into like piles. This allows me to staple them together so I am not digging through all 10 or so looking for one certain coupon. I can just pull them, locate the coupon I want, and then clip 5 of them, if that is what I need for my trip. My kids are tremendous with helping me get everything organized and ready for the week. They love to see the savings!!!

I usually know before hand what coupons I will be using, and where. With the ad-scans I know what items will be the good deals for the week, before I even receive the inserts for the week. I depend on this, from the WUC forum. They area great resource to have to maximize my stockpile items, saving me tons of money.

I also clip one set of each type of insert and put them in my binder, so that I have them readily available. I also have a carry along file that I take with me just in case of clearance or items not in the store ads that I find!



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