Today’s find at Krogers

Today while doing some grocery shopping I found these!!

2 Gillette Men’s Deodorant  2/$6

Garnier  Haircolor-clearanced $1.59

Total: $7.59

cpns used

$2/1 Garnier

$3/2 Gillette Deo

ecpn $1

Total OOP: $2.12 (tax .53)

Also in a separate transaction my grocery bill was $71.xx before cpns, after my coupons I paid$41.32!

Items I purchased were 3 Chex cereals,2 Ronzoni pasta, 2 Fiber 1 bars,2 seapak popcorn shrimp,4-4pk fiber 1 yogurt, 4-4pk yoplait delights,1-4pk Dannon yogurt. 4 bags Chex snack mix,1 bag cracker jack snack, 4 Wanchi Ferry Dinner kits, 2 bags cut broccoli, 2-8oz block Kroger cheese, and onion ring batter mix.

Total cpns $23.00 + dbl bonus $7.20

Add in the Kroger card savings of $30.92 and my total savings was 59% with 31 items purchased!!

The kids were hungry so I didn’t get a pic, but I can now say that with the amount of yogurt, cereal, and cereal bars that i have purchased the last two weeks, that we shouldn’t need any more for at least 6-8 wks…..but with 4 kids, even I am unsure if it will last that long 🙂


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